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Nietzsches Overman In The Will To Power Essays - Free Essays

Nietzsche's Overman In The Will To Power Essays - Free Essays Nietzsche's Overman In The Will To Power The existential philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche believed that humanity nedded to be overcome. He viewed humans as weak creatures and slaves to the Christian religion. In The Will to Power, Nietzsche asserts the poer of the overman a creature beyond Christian good and evil to replace the passive man. To understand the book, it is first necessary to understand what Nietzsche means by 'The Will to Power'. Denneson describes this as a 'psychological presupposition' which assumes that humans are always attempting to inflict their wills upon others (Denneson, 1). When considering the use of the term 'ubermensch' or 'overman' in this work, it is also necessary to understand exactly what Nietzsche means by this term. This is seen by many as the way in which he refers to a 'superhuman'. In the past, many comparisons wre made between Nietzsche's overman and the Nazi idea of the superior race. However, this has been re-evaluated by many scholars, and the comparison is no longer seen in the same light. The overman is seen as the next step up from normal humans; this creature could even be interpreted as the next step up the evolutionary ladder. The overman is not isolated to just this work; we see Nietzsche talk about this creature in other works such as Thus Spoke Zarathustra and The Antichrist. The idea is not new, but at best, it is still controversial (Cross, 1). The Will to Power, which results from these two books, contains various metaphors and generalizations which display contradictions and tensions (Harman, 2). The philosophies which underlie all of Nietzsche's writing are themselves contradictory; they both celebrate and embrace the humanity of man, whilst holding it in contempt and insulting it at the same time (Cross, 7). The concept oof the overman appears to be a contradiction in itself, reflecting the views that Nietzsche himself expresses about the human condition. The creature is dichotomy, seeing himself as superior and a master of his environment, but simultaneously he hates his human self, seeing his weaknesses and flaws. In this manner of representation, one must question if this creature could ever become a reality. Cross argues that the overmanis a contradiction in terms of existence which cannot be resolved due to the constraints which Nietzsche applies to this hypothetical creature. Cross states, this creature can only succeed in negating himself, and, in essence, can never truly exist at all. Nietzsche has the view that mankind as it exists is a disease of a 'sickness' which is destroying itself, reflecting the porr nature of a modern man and his lack of pro-activism, being seen as a purely passive creature unalbe to rebel and define his life. Nietzsche further argues that the passive reaction of the occurrences in society are the result of the Christian religion (Cross, 2). Nietzche's view of man's 'sickness' reveals itself very strongly in The Antichrist, but The Will to Power also displays his view. This book reflects Nietzsche's belief that all creatures, whatever they are, have a requirement and a need to follow commands of some sort. The freedom of the overman is that the individual despises what he is and has been, and in this is able to learn to command himself. However, this is a difficult and self-destructive process. The perception of the comand over power is an interesting one; it is not the straight forward meaning of control over others, but also the control over one's self. In The Will to Power, Nietzsche sees those who look to improve themselves as looking to the 'will to truth'. However, he argues that in doing this, they are not really seeking new values, but that htey are trying to find a way of bringing all men under the same code of understanding. In effect, they are bringing them all further to the weaknesses for which he blames Christianity. Nietzsche says he believes that a man who acts out of laziness, or does not act for the same reason is bad, and this passive stance allows the weaknesses of society to become more entrenched and accepted, this becoming of a self-fulfilling prophecy the more it happens, the more it will cause its continuation. The passive man does not display

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How To Organize Your Ideas For Your Blog

How To Organize Your Ideas For Your Blog is all about organizing your ideas. We give you the tools to plan, communicate, and ultimately publish. If there is anything were a big fan of, its making sure your ideas see the light of day on your blog. The challenge is getting to that point where you do the writing.  If youve been blogging for even a short amount of time, youve probably run into what I call notes overload. This is the problem of having all kinds of possible ideas, partial blog post drafts, notes, saved links and images, research, interviews, lists–all the required guts of great content!–spread out in different apps and locations with absolutely no organization or way to actually make use of it. How does this happen? An uncontrollable desire to sign up for every new organizational app that comes along. Fun to try, but impossible to manage them all. A regular use of unconnected systems, one for your work computer, one at home, and one on mobile devices. The differences in the apps affect what you prefer to use on the different platforms. A struggle to use products that do and dont integrate with other apps and find that perfect mix. In other words, you have no shortage of ideas, just a problem trying to find them when you need them. Create A System To Organize Your Ideas Systems are tricky, and while I enjoy reading blog posts about the solutions others have come up with, I know that they wont work perfectly for me. We dont all work the same, and a perfect solution doesnt exist as a standard.  What works for me wont make a bit of sense to you, in all likelihood. It really is up to you to figure out what will work, often through trial and error and considering the pros and cons of options available. What makes a good system? How do you decide what tools to use? 1. It must be simple. Sometimes the simple tool is the better tool. The system you create cant be too complicated. If it is, you wont stick with it. I have a personal theory that seems to be true for me, at least, that if something takes more than three steps to use, Im not likely to stick with it. Ive seen many blog posts showing how you can use organizational apps such as Trello or Asana–both great organizational apps–as an editorial calendar, but by the time Im done reading, Im absolutely convinced Id never use it. There are too many steps to make things happen (which, of course, is why we created ). They are complicated and sometimes a bit hacked together. Hacking a tool is a fun challenge, but it isnt a solid foundation. Id rather have a tool that I can use the way it is intended to get the job done.  So, how do you keep things simple? Understand the tools.  Expecting an editorial calendar to control how your blog theme looks doesnt make much sense. Thats not what the tool is for. While we all dream of the perfect all-in-one tool that does everything  we  need it to do in one place, remember that not everyone works the same and that such a tool  cannot possibly exist. Understand Use tools as they were intended.  Things tend to get complicated when we decide to go ahead and use a tool in a way that it wasnt intended. Tools tend to get complicated when they implement features and changes that dont fit in with their original core focus (feature creep). Dont use a spreadsheet when a database is what you need. Dont use a task management system as an editorial calendar. Restrict the number of tools youll use. Refrain from signing up for every new, cool app that comes along. Its one thing to try it, but another to start moving all of your content into it only to decide that no, it doesnt really work. Choose well-made tools. Find a tool that does what you want it to do, not a tool loaded with unnecessary features that make things complicated. I used to use Springpad religiously, but they began updates that took it from being a handy notes app into something that seemed to resemble Pinterest. I didnt need those features, and I didnt like the bloat and complexity. I eventually just drifted away and found a different notes app. Control yourself. Your system for organizing blog post ideas is just for organizing blog post ideas. It is not an additional to-do list for things you have to do on your web site, and maybe a grocery list thrown in. A simple system that works for blog ideas might be something you can replicate for planning web site landing pages, but dont combine the two at the get go. Complex systems inevitably break down. Organize your blog ideas simply.2. It must work like you work. You have to know how you work which, surprisingly, some writers havent taken the time to really consider. Do you work by free-writing a full draft post? Do you collect links and phrases and drop them into a repository, knowing you can build a full post off of it later? Do you need to collect images as inspiration or to use? Do you get your ideas while driving and prefer to record yourself talking?   These kinds of questions will help you know which tool is going to be useful and which wont fit how you work. For example, I like Google Keep. Its a bare bones unfussy notes app and I use it. But I dont really use it for my blog or writing ideas. Why? Because sometimes I want to record ideas that come to me while driving and while Google Keep allows you to record, it stops when you stop talking, i.e. no pauses. Keep tries (not always so great) to transcribe the recording and create a note to go along the clip, but it makes playback on the web challenging. With Keep, it is better to play the note back using your phone. Now Evernote is a bit different. It starts recording and keeps going until you hit stop, and you can play it back from the web just fine which is handy for transcription. How do you work? Will the tool be fighting against you? Then dont use it. Are you using your planning tools, or fighting against them.3. It must work where you work. Your system has to be usable wherever youd likely use it. Where you write is about a physical space, sure, but also the publishing software you use. This means if you arent ever going to write a blog post on your phone, then dont reject a solution just because it doesnt have a blogging app for your phone. Or, if you often write where there is not internet access, youll need something that allows you to work (work, not just view) offline. Integrations are a big deal. If you are working in WordPress, does the tool you use integrate with WordPress, or are you having to rely on copy-and-paste techniques? Is the tool excellent enough that you are willing to use copy-and-paste techniques? Does the tool update your calendar if youre task-orientated? Where do you work? Will the tool function there? If it wont, it might not be the solution; it might just be a headache. The organization system that works for someone else likely wont be your perfect fit.4. The difference between planning and creating. The perfect system for organizing your ideas has to acknowledge that planning and creating are not the same. The need to plan is why you must organize your ideas in the first place. The creating happens fairly easily if that organized planning happened.  In your system, do you want your planning to happen where you write the actual content, or do you want to keep them separate? This is actually the most difficult and confusing question. Some people really want that all-in-one experience, and think that their method of idea organization is a failure because it doesnt morph easily into the final creation. As anyone with a headful (and a harddisk full) of ideas and research knows, creation is easy if you did your organization and planning right.

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Regressing Japans economic growth Literature review

Regressing Japans economic growth - Literature review Example This article is therefore relevant because it addresses the key points related to the yen/$ exchange rate and points to the prolonged stagnation in Japan. Hamada and Okada, in this article argue that in the 1980s, Japanese economy was marked by a phase of a speculative bubble. In the course of the 1980s, the state had a large commercial surplus with the U.S, exporting far much than its imports. Japan gained from a devalued currency, meaning that its exports became cheaper for the United States. Japans exports really flourished during this era till the leading American policy elites got concerned about the â€Å"disruptive force† of Japan in American economic living. To get a solution to this commercial imbalance, the Japanese regime permitted the yen to appreciate alongside the dollar in early 1986. This shortly led to an economic contraction and a decrease in the export-based electronics, automobile, and steel industry. The Central Bank of Japan made an effort to alleviate a weakening economy by lowering the official interest, which resulted in the historical documentation of high stock prices that were at the peak in 1989. The article further suggests that the large commercial surpluses, the low interest rates, and the strong yen swelled Japan’s monetary supply. The auto industry, which was the countries stronghold in industrial economy had dominated the markets, and wanted speculative outlets for their huge savings. On the other hand, banks were enthusiastic to lend money to people to purchase real estates. In 1987, when the gross national product (GNP) in Japan was 345 trillion yen, monetary assets went up by 382 trillion yen, as the land assets increased at 374 trillion yen. In addition, the banks... Even though Japan went through a crisis especially the worldwide recession in 2008, its present depression can be traced back to late 1980s and early 1990s as well as the collapse of the Equity markets and its housing. Many economists have researched on the â€Å"lost decade†, developing arguments about the causes and suitable policy responses that explain the issue. According to Schaltegger, C. A., & Weder, M, 2013, the monetary policy of the Bank of Japan at the end of 1980s is similar to the Federal Reserve’s strategy before the global financial catastrophe. Interest rates had been maintained at uniquely low levels for some good time even though the economic growth was strong and robust price increases in a number of financial assets were present. Interest rates then went up decisively and repeatedly from 2.5% to 6% in a period of 16 months. In the same way, the US learned the most important lessons as a result of the great depression; that monetary policy was too procyclical and restrictive, resulting to a downward spiral and deflation in economic activity. The federal reserve in America has committed itself to maintain interest rates close to zero till it reaches mid 2015 even if it means economic activities might be stronger than it is expected at present. On the other hand, Japan reduced interest rates more gradually from six to three percent within the foremost 15 months of the crisis. In connection to this, the impact was that persistent problems in the monetary field, slow growth, and deflation led Japans bank to lessen interest rates further to approximately 0.5% in September 1995.

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In what ways do you anticipate our education system changing at the Assignment

In what ways do you anticipate our education system changing at the national, state, and local levels as a result of global society emphasis - Assignment Example At the state level, many schools are attempting to meet with more advanced international standards in order to keep America competitive. By aligning state-level curriculum with global standards, such as those in the highly-sophisticated United Kingdom learning programs, the U.S. can maintain more globalized focus in training education to ensure transferability of imported or exported expatriate workers. By ensuring all developed countries meet the highest standards of learning, it creates a more unified global curriculum that has multiple benefits to corporations that need human capital. At the local level, the educational system will improve by establishing course content such as team function, building a positive and diverse culture in the classroom, and training for community leadership roles (e.g. local politics or urban engineering) so that local-level city management is able to recruit well-educated talent for these jobs. Local city leaders must coordinate with state-level and national level talents, such as when new development projects have federal funding, thus this team concept must be established for sustaining local community management

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Napster :: essays research papers

  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Treble in the Music Industry Close to four months ago, when I heard the word ‘Napster’ I thought it was a new phrase for telling people they had nappy hair. I had no idea what it was, but yet I heard everyone around me talking about it, so I surfed on the internet and decided to check it out. I went ahead and downloaded it the program, not knowing four months from now Napster would have a tremendous influence and impact in the music industry, changing the way we view music forever.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  First of all, what is Napster? Napster is a program created by Shawn Fanning, an 18 year old ‘inarticulate’ teenager, who was frustrated trying to find good music on the internet ,and how so many of the pointers on the websites offering current music seem to only led to dead is a program enabling users to â€Å"transfer music files directly without going through a centralized file server or middle man.† (Greenfield 1), Napster is program that freed a vast library of copyrighted music, turning the music industry on its head.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  For obvious reasons, recording artists as well as record companies are in opposition to napster, which are the loss in profit and sales and piracy issues that deal with copyright regulation and code. As Greenfield states, â€Å" Napster has forced the record companies to rethink their business models and record company lawers and recording artists to defend their intellectual property.† Changing the way the record companies have been operating their business for centuries by an 18 year old ‘inarticulate’ teenager is not an easy pill to swallow the record companies take much offense to this partially because Napster is the fastest growing site in history, passing the 25 million mark in less than a year of operation. ( Greenfield) and potentially taking away 25 million consumers from their business. Napster sends a disruptive message of change to the music industry, kicking out the old and bringing in the new and because of this the profitable or derly business of recording, promoting and selling music will never be the same again. Basically the music industry will become obsolete, thus losing jobs in the music industry, but according to TIME magazine, â€Å" record sales have gone up and there is virtually no indication that record sales are at a loss.†(pg.56) due to Napster, and free internet trade. Free internet music trade actually promotes new artists and recording artists by allowing the user to download music free of charge, and listen to their music allowing the user to make the decision whether or not to purchase the album.

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Additional Duties of Phlebotomist Essay

-Urine specimen obtained after a thorough cleansing of the glans penis (males) and the labia and urethral meatus (females). -Following the cleansing procedure, the patient passes the first portion of urine into the toilet, stops and collects the mid-portion in the specimen container. -This provides a sample that is less contaminated by epithelial cells and bacteria (normal flora). Methods of Urine Collection See more: Is the Importance of being earnest a satirical play essay CATHETERIZED SPECIMEN -Specimen of choice for patient suffering from urinary retention. (Patient cannot void voluntarily) -The specimen is collected under sterile conditions by passing the catheter through the urethra into the bladder. -The specimen is used for BACTERIAL CULTURE. -If routine urinalysis is requested, culture should be performed first to prevent contamination. SUPRAPUBIC ASPIRATION -Involves urine collection directly from the bladder by puncturing the abdominal wall and the bladder using a needle syringe. -Since the bladder is normally sterile, it is primarily used for bacterial cultures and for infants to whom contamination is unavoidable. -The only specimen acceptable for both aerobic and anaerobic urine culture. -Can be used for cytological analysis of urine Urine Culture -Samples collected by MSCC, Catheterized & Suprapubic aspiration can be used for AEROBIC CULTURE. -The only urine collection method acceptable for ANAEROBIC CULTURE is SUPRAPUBIC ASPIRATION. -COMMERCIALLY available plastic urine collection bags with hypoallergenic skin adhesive. -Also referred as wee bag. Uses chain of custody (COC) which refers to the process that provides documentation of proper sample identification from the time of collection to the receipt of laboratory results. The COC is a standardized form that must document and accompany every step of drug testing, from collector to courier to laboratory to medical review officer to employer. DRUG SPECIMEN COLLECTION -Required volume of urine 30-45 ml -The urine temperature must be taken within 4 minutes from the time of collection to confirm the specimen has not been adulterated. -The temperature should read within the range of 32.5C to 37.7C. -Recollection of a second specimen as soon as possible will be necessary in the following cases: Urine temperature outside the recommended range

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The For A Specialist Laborer - 804 Words

uncommon for a specialist laborer to make five to ten times their beginning pay in just a few years. A couple of dollars for each hour might appear like a criminal compensation in America, or other wealthier nations yet in numerous developing nations this can be well above normal. Any individual who has gone through nations such as China, India, Thailand or the Philippines comprehends the great levels of scarcity numerous individuals need to persevere. Indeed, even professional vocations regularly just pay $300 or $400 every month. You are not exploiting individuals, you are giving them extraordinary chances to procure more pay and extend their abilities. On the other hand, the vast majority has no issue purchasing low valued products from Walmart, or eating a food which is to a great extent include prepared food made in distant nations. The fact cannot be neglected that we all need lower costs. In actual fact, we request lower costs. Where do you think those low estimated merchandise originates from? They are all produced in sweatshops where laborers are procuring just dollars a day in unforgiving conditions in respect to developing nations. Acquiring those items does much more harm to the employees, environment and one’s own particular wellbeing than outsourcing labor at the Internet. Hence, it can be stated that the outsourcing transformation is bringing millions, perhaps billions of low wage individuals onto the world platform. If one think of outsourcing from theShow MoreRelatedThe Workers Of The United States1281 Words   |  6 Pages Laborers in the United States will lose their occupation, as their work is moved to alternative areas around the world. In July, for instance, Wachovia Corporation declared arrangements to move a large number of its data innovation (IT) occupations to India and told its 3,000 U.S. IT laborers to plan for lay-offs. The suspicion is that these going to-be dislodged laborers will be re-employed quickly, and at significantly the same wages. The information on reemployment results are constrained, howeverRead MoreAdvantages And Disadvantages Of Execution Administration1587 Words   |  7 Pagesbusiness. By the execution administration, laborers and administrators can get together to share their individual conclusion, and afterward their director can pick the best feeling to influence their intend to structure to reach there. The estimation of worker execution is a standout amon gst the most essential path for any business association to toward their business objective. Execution administration is a framework where the administration measures the laborers execution. Execution administrationRead MoreFactors Affecting The Annual Salary Imbalance In The Lowest Pay Permitted By Law And How This Will Help Minorities1354 Words   |  6 Pagesthe Quality of Life: Minimum Wage Labor In the United States the lowest pay permitted by law is approaching record lows, even with late expands expansion is one of the principle reasons that laborers are generally paid less for work than they were back in the 1970s. There are around three million specialists in the United States that worked full time year round a year ago and still fell beneath the National neediness level, which is absurd. On the off chance that everybody gains precisely the sameRead MoreHacker Target And Response SEC 4401614 Words   |  7 Pagesaffiliations passes on a tremendous arrangement of responsibility and certainty. Laborers are at risk to security confirmations, foundation checks, and a succession of tests and appraisals. A staff that has chief security consent is cognizant to the most sensitive data of the affiliation including restrictive data, private data about supporters and customers, authoritative mysteries. The job strategies and specialists practices of a combination is that represen tatives upper security director hasRead MoreCoca Col An American Carbonated Soda Pop Industry Essay1464 Words   |  6 Pagesdown more than 1.8 billion organization refreshment servings every day. As a forceful multinational, Coca-Cola has confronted work question in numerous nations. A standout amongst the most turbulent occurred in Central America in the 1970s when specialists at the Coca-Cola packaging operation in Guatemala sorted out a union. This youngster association experienced assaults, bringing about the passings of more than twelve individuals, from conservative demise squads. The International Union of FoodRead MoreHuman Resource Management And Challenges Faced By International Human Resources1073 Words   |  5 Pagesframework, has its causes in antiquated Greek and Babylonian civic establishments before picking up noticeable quality amid the medieval times. Since the beginning of modern management theory, the phrasing used to portray the part and capacity of specialists has developed from personnel to industrial relations to employee relations to human resources. While these terms stay being used, as indicated by the creators of Human Resource Management, Human Resources most faultlessly speaks to theRead MoreIntroduction. Strategic Human Resource Management Is The1068 Words   |  5 Pagesinformation and different examination in the organization. Human resource management includes a few obligations which among them are; †¢ Recruitment of workers †¢ Promotion and remunerating of laborers †¢ Disciplining the laborers †¢ Controlling the human resource and their operations †¢ Training of the laborers To begin with, the greatest part is the one for enrolling new workers to the organization. Organizations require more workers relying upon the generation assets they have, for better yieldRead MoreWorkplace Violence : Corporate And Open Concern817 Words   |  4 Pagesinappropriate behavior, are subtler, yet no less mentally damaging to laborers mental and physical wellbeing. (Mathis, John Sean, 2014). Workplace violence can happen anyplace at any time. Workers in a few commercial enterprises, for example, healthcare or retail foundations, are more probable than others to experience roughness at work. A few specialists, be that as it may, are at expanded danger. Among them are laborers who trade cash with people in general; convey travelers, merchandise,Read MoreHuman Resource Management ( Hrm )1693 Words   |  7 Pagespay. His theory argued that; Specialists don t normally appreciate work thus require close supervision and control. Hence chiefs ought to separate production into a progression of little assignments. Specialists ought to then be given fitting preparing and equipment’s so they can function as productively as could reasonably be expected on one set assignment. Laborers are then paid by number of things they deliver in a set timeframe piece-rate pay. Accordingly specialists are urged to buckle down andRead MoreThe Objectives Of Social Welfare Offices1467 Words   |  6 Pagesfor any social specialist. Human science concentrates on and breaks down the circumstance while social work, depending on the sociologists discoveries, apply their helping systems to ach ieve the reproduction or advancement of society through its administrations to people. There are numerous generalizations of social laborers in our general public today. Some of these generalizations are whether you are a social specialist you can t have traditionalist perspectives. Social laborers all have liberal